I started my photography business in 2020 but it wasn't until 2022 that I started shooting weddings. Since then I've photographed as both a second and a lead shooter.

I love weddings and always feel like it is such an honor to be trusted to be such an important part of a couples' wedding day. I approach photographing weddings the same as I approach photographing families with young kids. I go in with a plan, but know that they seldom go exactly as planned - so am flexible to change and thinking on my feet.

As a second photographer, I see my main priority as supporting the lead in whatever way s/he needs whether that be photographing one side of the wedding party getting ready, getting different angles during the ceremony (while staying out of the lead's shot, of course), focusing on photographing guests. I'm also happy to put my camera down so that I can help with things like holding or carrying lighting, wrangling the wedding party during formal portraits, or things like that to help wedding day go smoothly.

My Gear

Camera Bodies AnD Preferred lens set up

Canon R6ii with a 24-70/2.8

Canon 5dMkIV with a 70-200/2.8

Other lenses



135/f2.0 macro


Godox AD200 Pro (x2) with trigger

Godox V1

MagMod bounce + MagMod dome

variety of umbrella and parabox modifiers